In 2009, we began with a simple mission which was to create a nationwide network of support for the black information technology diaspora through founding NBITLO. What began initially, as a mere idea to connect professionals through technology and social media evolved into our annual national conference event and technology thought-leadership symposium held in New Orleans, Atlanta, Toronto, Miami, and Houston, Texas. I am passionate about equipping IT professionals and leaders with the tools they need to be successful. I also strive to create equitable access to C- Level technology positions by creating pathways black technology professionals. Our emphasis on Leadership & Entrepreneurship is a key..

We are incredibly proud of what NBITLO has accomplished in such a short span of time, and we continue to expand, evangelize and exhibit our organization’s presence strategically where we can benefit our membership body. We are moving towards a very exciting future, and I appreciate and celebrate the progress that has already been made so far.

A substantial amount of momentum has propelled NBITLO forward in its mission of bridging the digital divide, creating programming and events that support strengthening access to S.T.E.M. pipelines and equipping IT Professionals and entrepreneurs with resources to build sustainable businesses.

We are progressing swiftly and find that our message is spreading without much effort on our part. Thousands of people who resonate with our message and recognize its magnitude are showing up around the country: individuals, corporations, and partner organizations with similar synergies are experiencing the impact and relevance of NBITLO. We welcome anyone who shares our vision to join us in our mission. I remain committed to Servant-Leadership and the notion that “we are not successful, until WE are all successful…

Yours in Service,
Andrew West

Andrew West
Founder and CEO - Houston, Texas
Jamel Knighten
Vice President of NBITLO – Dallas, Texas
Jarvis Brown
Chief Entrepreneurial Resource Officer – Atlanta, Georgia
Marion Aldridge
National Cybersecurity Advisor – Houston, Texas
Faruq Hunter
Global Opportunity Resources Chairman – Atlanta, Georgia
Reta Milburn
National Conference Events Chair – Houston, Texas
Marcus Fountain
Social Media & Content Chairman – Tampa, Florida
Richard Conley
HBCU Campus Initiatives Chairman – Miami, FL
Davin Thomas
Director of Communications - New Orleans, Louisiana
Stephanie Reese
Sr. Vice President – Atlanta, Georgia
Eric Hylick
Southern Regional Director – Orlando, Florida
Hanif Khlil
Area Ambassador/ Youth Initiatives Chair – Houston, Texas
Jared Anderson
Area Ambassador – Jackson, Mississippi
Kabiru Badamasi
African Continent, Global Liaison – Zaria, Nigeria (West Africa)
Pavon Dunbar
Western Regional Chairman – Los Angeles, California
Theodore Jackson
Eastern Regional Chairman – New York, New York
Terrence Kidd, Ph. D.
S.T.E.M. Pipeline Chairman – Houston, Texas
Juan Hayes
IT Professional Resources Chairman – (Careers) – New Orleans, Louisiana
Dalain Williams
Innovation Chairman – Dallas, Texas
Michael James
IT Professional Resources Chairman (Certification) – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

National Executive Team (NET) - A virtual National Team housed out of various regions throughout the U.S. and South Africa who represent a vast array of IT, S.T.E.M. & Entrepreneurship backgrounds which are strategically aligned with our organizational mission.

National Board of Directors (BOD) who are committed to organizational governance, and fiduciary oversight.

Andrew West serves as CEO & Board President through visionary and strategic leadership.

IT Professionals, Volunteers, S.T.E.M. professionals interested in learning more about leadership opportunities may inquire by sending an e-mail to



Populating the global workforce with a diverse and highly qualified group of Information Technology Leaders who will lead with vision, innovation, tech savvy, and keen technology leadership skills.


NBITLO is a non-profit organization designed to support the goals of black technology leaders by equipping them with resources and professional development designed to strengthen and refine their skills in support of the larger vision.


  • Creating Leadership Pathways
  • Enabling vision-driven Information Technology Leaders
  • Equipping Tech Entrepreneurs
  • Inspiring Innovation, Digital Citizenship & Global Collaboration
  • Fostering Networking & Mentorship Opportunities
  • Encouraging Certification
History of NBITLO

In the Fall of 2009 Andrew West, a senior level Information Technology executive and Tech Entrepreneur with over 15 years of industry experience called together a focus group of 9 Information Technology Professionals from various backgrounds. Initially, their goal was simply to create a small support group amongst themselves in the culturally rich city of New Orleans, Louisiana where West then served as Chief Technology Officer of Algiers Charter Schools Association.

Their initial monthly leadership and strategy meetings were first held on the campus of Xavier University. Their alliance was such a strong force that it quickly grew from a citywide technology forum of 20 to a National Technology Thought-Leadership Symposium garner hundreds of professionals over the last six years where professionals gathered not only to discuss the issues that exist within bridging the digital divide, but also to create actionable strategies towards solving them.

After several years of planning, organizing research and development, West humbly and powerfully pioneered the ambitious goal of establishing a Nationwide Network. This group he formed who's annual programming and conference focuses on Information Technology Leadership support Network, S.T.E.M. resource pipeline, innovation and entrepreneurship movement that is NBITLO, The National Black Information Technology Leadership Organization.

He sought the savvy and vision sharing expertise of a group of Technology Professionals with skills ranging from software development, systems architecture, network engineering, technology educators, IT leaders and C-level technology executives who aligned with the vision and became co-founders of NBITLO. Jamel Knighten, Richard Conley, Juan Hayes, Andrew Burras, Jaron Barnes, Michael James, Roberto Bernardez and Stephanie Reese accepted the challenge to support West’s strategic vision in the capacity of co-founders.

Despite their differences in backgrounds, hometowns, education, certifications, or technical areas of expertise, these black technology professionals found in each other the common goal and determination to create a network of support and foster career- pathing towards the many leadership opportunities that exist in Information Technology professions, across a plethora of industries.

To that end, the NBITLO founders sought to accomplish their goal beginning with gaining a better awareness and understanding of the Information Technology Leadership dynamic, and creating a model for such.

West established the vision of “Populating the global workforce with a diverse and highly qualified group of Information Technology Leaders who will lead with vision, innovation, tech savvy, and keen technology leadership skills…” West further created a framework of achievable leadership characteristics for each member including:

  • -Enabling vision-driven Information Technology Leaders
  • -Promoting Tech Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Incubation
  • -Inspiring Innovation, Digital Citizenship & Global Collaboration
  • -Fostering Networking & Mentorship Opportunities
  • -Encouraging Certification
  • -Creating Opportunities for Philanthropic and Global Outreach

NBITLO Hosts an annual conference event which has evolved to be called NBITLO Urban Tech Weekend, previously held in New Orleans (2009), Toronto (2010), Atlanta (2011) and Miami (2012), Houston 2013.