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Research is immersed in the work that we do, it defines how we serve and has positioned us to deliver excellence in our unique niche of philanthropic acumen dedicated to empowerment. NBITLO’s team of research Fellows study and work collaboratively towards bridging the digital divide… NBITLO produces published scholarly research and enables research projects for qualifying Technology Thought-Leaders through grants, and fellowship programs and cutting-edge data-driven advocacy.

NBITLO Research Model

NBITLO Research Model


With President Obama recently calling for government and industry to train 10,000 new U.S. engineers every year as well as 100,000 additional STEM teachers by 2020, Urban Tech Weekend is well timed. African Americans hold less than eight percent of all information technology (IT) jobs and fewer than three percent of IT leadership positions. Even more startling, African American women hold less than two percent of IT positions in America where African Americans make up approximately 14 percent of the population.

“As tech companies like Facebook, Google, IBM, Yahoo and Microsoft turn to lobbying the government for an increase in temporary visas to fill projected vacancies, the need remains great for more representation of African Americans in IT professions and STEM-related disciplines,” said Urban Tech Weekend Founder and President Andrew West. “Sadly, the IT profession is behind all other major professions when it comes to African American representation. This is particularly important because it is believed that if the various IT industries don’t do a better job of diversifying its ranks, there will be less confidence that a career as a black IT professional is one that is accessible and attainable to all people.”


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